Teman Startup Audio Branding Indonesia


Audio Identity

Project Start Date

May 3, 2021

Case Study

Sound offers interconnectedness of multi platforms, a novelty that Teman Startup willingfully seek. The audio branding captures the all-sides of Teman Startup. This includes their tech-savviness, their warmth as your career-wise friend, and their agility to catch up with the newest update on trend.

Teman Startup brand exists in their many digital platforms, creating an opportunity to build a broadly accessible brand. We defined their brand strength by using a unique audio DNA which reflects the core identity of Teman Startup, wrapped in an audio logo, and amplified in the audio bumpers.

We discover the core characteristics of Teman Startup’s brand from our brand discovery session. In that session, they describe the brand with these three words

Techy, Friendly, and Agile.

The audio DNA was inspired from, guess what, the airport announcement! To add, the adaptation was approached through the distance interval notation 3 aug or 4 major profound in Western or Jazz music.



The attractiveness of the notation is synergized with the motion sound, and the layer pad to create a one-and-only audio logo of Teman Startup. Hear the audio logo and its breakdown down below!

This synergy added one more hint to remember their brand in the minds of their audiences.



We composed three audio bumpers to create Teman Startup’s audio branding ecosystem.

The two are to offer both the techy-side and the warm-side of Teman Startup. They will be placed on their digital platforms, one for their audiovisual-based social media and one audio-based platform, which is Spotify. Last, but also a masterpiece is a customized audio bumper to create a distinctive intro for Teman Startup Academy.


The audio sparked interest of Teman Startup’s brand, proving its benefits in strengthening a brand’s identity

– Kevin Sudewo, COO of Teman Startup


See the audio breakdown below

Experience of Audio Branding

We carry out the concept of audio branding to design what your brand sounds like and tailored it to your user-specific needs.