Kunto Aji Mantra-Mantra Keroncong: A Crazy Beautiful Idea.


Music Composition and Arrangement

Case Study

Mantra-Mantra Keroncong by Kunto Aji

As it is called, this virtual concert treat is a “spell”. Presents of beauty in a narrowing situation, Covid-19. Healing as well as comforting pleasure.

What’s our spell? An improvement in melodic ornamentation on a diatonic scale. Keroncong music has a fundamental pentatonic scale. In this arrangement, we change several scales and make improvements. This will not eliminate the impression of modern pop music that is usually played by Kunto Aji.

This time, listen to a snippet of the Rehat Keroncong arrangement.

Isn’t this a big relief?

What is an Arrangement song?

An arrangement is a form of adaptation of a musical work that is an alternative to the original composition. The goal is to provide novelty or adaptation to his musical needs. The arrangement is an adaptation of a composition to create something different from the original composition. Even so, the essence of music and its basic substance has not changed.

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