Bank Mega: The Chants of The Nation’s Pride Bank



Case Study

Bank Mega is one of the biggest banks in Indonesia that maintains a positive performance amidst the economic challenge in the Covid-19 pandemic. In the 50th year of their anniversary, they want to celebrate their success by creating music to welcome thousands of their customers when stepping into their ATM. The challenge is on how to create music that represents their company values while also being enjoyable for the customer during their transaction process.

We decide to create pop-electronic music using several instruments to showcase their company values. A stagnant melodic piano was used to show the bank consistencies. And the dynamic progression in evolving pads showed their vision to keep moving forward. An experimental vocal chop was used to show their innovation in adapting to the changing times. Finally, a drop was used to show their celebration of building a successful company during their 50 years of existence.

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