Abuba Steak It’s My Steak: Gathering Joy at The Dining Table



Case Study

The best quality time that can be spent with family and friends is by eating together.

When making it, we imagined the laughter of a happy boy and a young couple waiting for a delicious meal. A touch of electronic music to celebrate friendships, birthdays, and sweet moments with family.. 

Jingle Abuba Steak uses a lot of arpeggiator synths that create fun melodic motifs. It was a celebration that had been waiting with great feeling. Apart from providing melodic motifs, several vocal chops also provide a very groovy rhythmic nuance. We make this song sound fresher and build up the enthusiasm of the listeners.

The use of the tagline brand was also considered in the making of the jingle. Tinkering with the language, we tried to select unique and rhyming vocabulary. Repetitive melodies and lyrics are used in the chorus so that the listener can easily remember them. Great time for customers to catch up with the chant between their chats.