Expanding through Sound


Audio Identity

Case Study

The Sound of Cerko Store, an Educative Supplier

Cerko differentiates itself as a supplier who also gives educational support to entrepreneurs. Cerko has vision to provide equal opportunities, despite the knowledge and experience. It already has broad network, spread in 3 cities of Tegal, Jakarta, and Bandung with total of 7,341 local brand partnerships. In its ambition to expand its partners, it wants to strengthen Cerko’s brand through audio branding.

As a supplier, Cerko supports small seller by providing customized brand with no minimum order and affordable price. Its product is used by many brand owners, from small to big, to provide the clothing merchandise of their brand. Cerko also provide supervision to its sellers by helping in the system maintenance, troubleshooting, consulting partner’s needs in the hope to spark business innovations every month. Cerko’s business takes digital platform as its main marketplace, thus audio assets can be applied in its marketing campaign and promotional tools to make its brand recognized by many more partners.

The audio logo

We made and audio logo as the sound version of Cerko’s visual identity. The blue color is a symbol of the professionality and trust given through Cerko’s service and performance. The pink color is a symbol of passion and desire of youth as their main customer profile. Also, the puzzle logo reflects Cerko’s vision in collaboration, complement, and grow together with their team and partners.


We are aware of Cerko’s vision to broaden its audiences. That being said, we made an audio branding concept that is easy-to-listen and likable by many people. Thus, we avoid complex sound design to make something easy listening. To achieve that, we combined acoustic components with electronic music composition that fits well to Cerko’s audiences who are youth. Acoustic sound will be a distinctive but enjoyable component to achieve Cerko’s goal.

Fits to Cerko’s brand identity

We made an audio branding for Cerko that fits their identity to act as a symbol of who they are. To reach that, we put in the foley and sound design of a shirt’s flap that reflects them as a clothing supplier entity. As a complement, we choose to use a brand voice for Cerko Store’s audio logo. An adult women’s voice was chosen as a manifestation of Cerko’s professionality and credibility. The brand voice was not only said but also sung.


Experience of Audio Branding

We carry out the concept of audio branding to design what your brand sounds like and tailored it to your user-specific needs.