Bedog Art Festival


Music Scoring

Project Start Date

September 19, 2019

Case Study

Bedog Art Festival is a cultural party that is held annually in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. We combine ethnic music with electronics. A way to paint well and is representative of culture and youth. The thing that makes it different is, we added orchestration for the grandeur element. We choose low frequencies for a solid image of the song and an attractive sound design.

It is a dance festival that is closely related to ethnic music so the composition uses many elements of ethnic music to make it representative. This acculturated with electronic music that is close to young people. Music that aimed at attracting the youth market to BAF.

And in the end, the orchestration makes the song more grandiose and lots of low frequency. It shows the solidity of the song and various sound designs to show new creativity in the composition.

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