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How We Make This?

Here is our process of inventing our audio logo as part of our audio branding identity. A simple and uncomplicated sounding component was chosen to show its best appearance. Ear catchy, light, and classy.  We start by developing and look for the best, Synchronize audio type with brand identity, and feel the effects. Choosing a synth bass instead of the electric bass is treated to give a modern and fresh impression.

There’s a reason too behind using chimes and bells for the logo DNA. These two instruments are metal-base that have a high frequency. This will highlight the DNA and be stand out. We balance it with things that are contrasting and evolve. Chord progressions that become the body of the logo audio are using the more evolving or smoother pad, synth, and piano. So there is a meeting between metal instruments and evolving instruments so that they sound in tune.


What is Audio Logo?

An audio logo is a form of sound expression that is representative of the brand.  In general, an audio logo has a composition and instrumentation that symbolizes the philosophy of a brand or company. Every audio logo has a core melody which we can call Audio DNA. Use consistently and make the Audio Logo becomes part of the identity of a brand.


How does the audio DNA process become Audio Branding?

Your journey should start here. We will invite you to get introduced to Audio DNA. Audio DNA is the core of the melody that you will apply in an audio product. Here is an overview of how audio DNA can be applied across all your platforms.


How can audio logo and DNA be attached to multiple touchpoints?

One of them is by making Audio Theme based on DNA audio. Audio Theme is a musical composition using Audio DNA. It is also used consistently in every other themed musical composition. The strategic use of DNA can increase audience awareness in the context of audio branding. So that the Audio Theme becomes a very versatile music composition, adapting to the needs of the atmosphere, and still with the audio frame and inside it. Listen to our Audio Theme down below.

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Experience of Audio Branding

We carry out the concept of audio branding to design what your brand sounds like and tailored it to your user-specific needs.